Inspection Software For Structural, Civil, Marine Applications

The Inspectivity Platform provides a comprehensive inspection management solution ideal for civil, structural and marine inspection use cases. Manage all of your inspection services with a single collaborative platform. Empower stakeholders with automated inspection report outputs or secure access to the digital data. Inspectivity is a digital toolkit for the configuration and management of any asset-centric enterprise inspection use case. Combining modern web and mobile apps to connect global teams and supercharge inspection outcomes.

Significantly reduce costs and improve productivity

  • Automate reporting and reduce inspection man-hours by 50 to 80%.

  • With “digital data handover”, you can offer your clients a smarter reporting solution.

  • Connect global teams and reduce site headcount with a collaborative approach.

  • Faster onboarding of new resources and less dependence on subject matter experts.

  • Ensure compliant, standardised and disciplined approaches to all your inspection use cases.

  • Manage the assessment and close out of corrective actions for issues, punches, anomalies.

Features For Structural, Civil and Marine Inspections

Inspection Management

Inspectivity’s enterprise-wide digital dashboard streamlines inspection management. With mobile inspection, results can be sent via the cloud for immediate desktop review. Engineers and supervisors connected to the platform can provide real-time QA, handle clarifications or request rework.

Powerful Image Editing

Inspectors can get their point across with fewer words using annotations and shapes. Annotate images on the tablet and re-edit later at the desk. Crop and rotate photos to ensure the right detail is reported.

Document Markup

Inspectors can add markups and annotations directly to drawings while in the field and then edit during a desk review back at the office. Annotated drawings can be included in automated reporting ensuring engineering and refurbishment teams have the full picture.

Business Intelligence

Inspectivity provides “out of the box” integration with business intelligence suites. Combined with machine learning (ML) you can gain deeper insights from your data. Discover hidden trends and outliers, identify key business drivers, and perform powerful what-if analysis with no technical expertise or ML experience needed.

Track, Analyse & Predict

Track, analyse and predict better with Inspectivity Platform’s real-time asset, inspection and issues registers. Easily access common queries, add columns for the data you want to see. Export to CSV and much more.

Full Inspection History

The Inspectivity asset management platform provides the assurance that critical information is never lost. A digital inspection solution where the history of all activities is tracked against each asset in the project hierarchy.

Configure Asset Hierarchy

Complete flexibility – Introduce any number of levels to the hierarchy, manage the specification for each tier. Model locations, systems, sub-systems, items and components.

Asset-Centric Inspection

Manage inspection activities following an asset-centric hierarchy approach including Work or Location Breakdown Structures or a traditional Systemisation.

Any Use Case

A digital toolkit for the configuration and management of any asset-centric enterprise inspection use case.

Reference Images

Support critical field assessments and avoid unnecessary round trips back to the office by ensuring all reference information is available on the inspection.

Form Calculations

Configure forms with intuitive flows and introduce calculation algorithms for more complex scenarios such as risk assessment and fitness for service.

Automated Reporting

Inspectors can spend 50% or more of a workday preparing a reporting artifact. Aggregating notes, organising photos, collating and annotating drawings. The Inspectivity Platform automates reporting removing double handling and reducing the chances of lost or incorrect information. Inspection data is available as soon as the work is completed.

Powerful Templating

The Inspectivity form editor provides the power to configure digital inspection forms and checklists that are compliant with the standards of the energy and resources sector.

Standalone or Integrated

The Inspectivity Platform can operate stand-alone or can be integrated (via Inspectivity API) to work seamlessly with other systems (eg. your ERP or RBI solutions). An integrated solution can source the asset hierarchy directly from your source of truth and avoid the creation of additional data silos.

Issue Management

Inspectivity’s powerful built-in issue management allows you to capture detailed records for any problem type (anomaly, punch, defect etc.). Provide corrective recommendations and track close out – in the field or at the desk!

Standardised & Disciplined

We simplify the transition to a digital inspection workflow, providing online tools for building complex forms enforcing discipline and standardisation, whilst guiding end-users through an intuitive inspection process.

Smart Mobility

The Inspectivity Platform’s integrated GO app allows you to perform offline field inspections – making digital inspection fast, accurate and reliable. Provide a richer inspection result with photos, video or sound. Supercharge productivity with easy access to asset information, inspection history and lifecycle documentation.

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