Risk-Based Inspections

Revolutionise the way you manage risk-based inspections.

Streamline your risk assessment processes, enhance data quality, reduce costs, extend the lifespan of critical assets and promote proactive risk management with Inspectivity. Our cutting-edge platform and integrated field app is your key to reducing costs and improving operational performance.

Proactively identify risks

By minimising risks, you can safeguard your bottom line and ensure uninterrupted operations. Inspectivity equips you with the insights and tools needed to identify potential issues proactively.

Standardise processes

Whether you operate in oil and gas, mining, manufacturing or other critical industries, Inspectivity underpins your risk-based inspection processes. Our platform ensures that your inspections are executed with precision, enabling you to identify and prioritise risks effectively. Utilising Inspectivity’s no-code form builder, you gain the flexibility to transform paper, Excel, or PDF inspection forms into digital formats that seamlessly conform to your specific needs and industry regulations.

Automate risk calculations

Leveraging logic and dependencies, Inspectivity simplifies the process of enhancing workflow efficiency and ensuring uniform procedures throughout your entire organisation. You can even automate forms to perform risk calculations and trigger escalations when potential risks are identified.

Gain valuable insights

With Inspectivity, your data isn’t just collected; it’s transformed into a strategic asset. Harness the full potential of your inspection data to make informed decisions and predictions. Elevate your inspection outcomes by gaining valuable insights from our intuitive inspection dashboard. Prepare your business for the future with technology that is ready for automation, AI, and predictive analytics.

Asset-centric approach

Inspectivity’s asset-centric approach allows you to create flexible asset hierarchies that align perfectly with the taxonomy of critical infrastructure. This ensures that inspection management and risk assessments are always in sync with your asset performance and maintenance goals.

Seamless communication

Inspectivity fosters seamless cooperation and knowledge sharing, driving better risk-based inspection outcomes and enabling your organisation to act swiftly on identified risks. With the platform and field app, your office and field team will be able to see live reports, collaborate in real-time, and share inspection data with all stakeholders and your enterprise systems.

Seamless Integration

Break down data silos by seamlessly integrating Inspectivity’s digital inspection REST API (Application Programming Interface) with other mission-critical systems, such as your ERP solution, APM/RBI tools, or 3D modelling software. This integration provides enhanced visibility across your entire asset base, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

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