Inspectivity for the Transport & Logistics Industry

Keep your fleet safe on the road

Empower your drivers to perform vehicle checklists, manage fleet and other maintenance inspections whilst gaining insights to optimise the efficiency of your fleet. Across a cloud-based platform and mobile field app, your team will have the power to gather valuable data, standardise processes, share reports, pinpoint areas of weakness, and efficiently address issues.

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Digitise your inspection process

Reduce Human Error

Reduce human error

Significantly reduce human error by standardising inspections and procedures.

Reduce Incidences

Improve quality

Get access to real-time data and use data visualisation to make better business decisions.

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by up to 50%

Reduce time spent planning and conducting inspections and reporting.

Asset hierarchy

Manage your fleet

Unplanned vehicle downtime can contribute to significant revenue loss for your business. Stay proactive in addressing vehicle issues by conducting fast and accurate digital inspections on a regular basis, and immediately action problems as they arise.

Empower your drivers

Stay on top of maintenance and reduce reliance on senior team members by empowering your drivers to perform quick, routine inspections from their mobile devices.

Get the full picture

With Inspectivity, your drivers will have the capability to record real-time data from any location, share findings with the team, and raise issues when action is required – so you’ll remain informed about your entire team and fleet’s performance, no matter where you are.

Powerful templating

Use our powerful no-code platform to effortlessly transform your paper forms into digital templates, enabling fleet operators to complete error-free and standardised field inspections from their mobile devices. Once completed, automatically generate and share tailored reports with a single click.

Inspection dashboard

Inspection dashboard

With the Inspection Dashboard, all of your data is centralised, even when your vehicles and drivers are widely dispersed. Use it to detect recurring patterns, pinpoint common areas of concern, monitor performance trends, schedule inspections and gain full visibility over task progress and daily field activities.

Capture quality data

Inspectivity’s mobile app makes it easy for your team to capture and share real-time data from the road, including photos and video media, which are all accessible through the searchable media registry.

Data driven insights

Digitally transform your business

Solutions for every team

Sole trader

Sole Traders

Small to medium businesses

Small to Medium Businesses