Minerals Inspection & Surveying

Revolutionise the way you manage mineral inspections & surveying with Inspectivity.

Are you facing challenges in managing mineral inspections and surveying processes? The time for a transformation is now. Inspectivity is the key to revolutionising how you handle mineral inspections and surveying operations, enabling you to achieve unprecedented efficiency and precision.

Digitise inspections

Say farewell to the era of manual, time-consuming processes. Our platform ensures that your inspections and surveys are executed with precision, enabling you to assess mineral quality, compliance with geological standards, and adherence to environmental regulations efficiently. With the no-code form builder, you can easily create inspection checklists and workflows that align with industry requirements and standards. This flexibility allows you to streamline your inspection process and enforce standardised procedures across your organisation.

Unparalleled Data Quality

With Inspectivity, your data isn’t just collected; it’s transformed into a strategic asset. Harness the full potential of your inspection and survey data to make informed decisions and predictions. Elevate your inspection and survey outcomes by gaining valuable insights from our intuitive dashboard, and prepare your mineral operations for the future with technology that is ready for automation,AI, and predictive analytics.

Asset Hierarchy

Asset-centric approach

Inspectivity’s asset-centric approach allows you to create flexible project hierarchies that align perfectly with your inspection processes. Create asset hierarchies that are work pack or location-based, based on a systemisation or follow any other logical taxonomy.

Effortless Collaboration

Promote collaboration between your field and office teams with easy access to digital inspection data, live reports, and streamlined communication. Inspectivity fosters seamless cooperation and knowledge sharing, driving better outcomes for your minerals operations.


Seamless API Integration

Break down data silos by seamlessly integrating Inspectivity’s digital inspection and surveying REST API (Application Programming Interface) with other mission-critical systems, such as your geological and environmental monitoring software, minerals processing tools, or other minerals industry-related software. This integration provides enhanced visibility across your entire minerals inspection and surveying landscape, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

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