Electrical & Instrumentation Inspections

Revolutionise the way you manage electrical and instrumentation inspections with Inspectivity.

By digitising inspection processes, reducing paperwork, and automating workflows, Inspectivity empowers organisations to streamline their electrical and instrumentation inspections, saving time, reducing costs, and ultimately enhancing the reliability and safety of their critical assets.

Powerful templating

A comprehensive electrical and instrumentation inspection solution

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to efficient digital inspections.

With its no-code form builder, Inspectivity empowers you to streamline your inspection processes and ensure standardised procedures throughout your organisation.

Enhanced data quality

With Inspectivity, data accuracy is at your fingertips. Our digital dashboard solution enhances data quality, providing you with the insights needed to make informed decisions and predictions for better maintenance outcomes. Plus, prepare your business for the future with technology that is ready for automation, AI, and predictive analytics.

Inspection dashboard

Proactive compliance

With Inspectivity, compliance becomes second nature. Our platform is designed to ensure that all compliance inspections such as hazardous area management (EEHA) are executed with precision, keeping you in line with regulations, industry standards and on top of industrial manslaughter legislation. Use our no-code solutions to digitise ITRs, creating smart and dynamic protocols that are easy to complete and allow your team to deliver strong compliance performance and safety.

Asset-centric approach

Inspectivity’s asset-centric approach empowers you to build adaptable asset hierarchies tailored specifically to the taxonomy of your critical infrastructure. This means you can organise and manage your assets in a way that perfectly aligns with your unique requirements. With the flexibility of this approach, you gain precision and control over your inspection processes, ensuring that every assessment is executed with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Asset Hierarchy

Seamless communication

Facilitate collaboration between your field and office teams with effortless access to digital inspection data, real-time reports, and in-platform communication. With our solution, your organisation gains the agility to swiftly address identified maintenance requirements, ensuring the continued reliability and safety of your assets.

Seamless Integration

Break down data silos by seamlessly integrating Inspectivity’s digital inspection REST API (Application Programming Interface) with other mission-critical systems, such as your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), or other software. This integration provides enhanced visibility across your entire asset base, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

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