Process Management & Automation

Streamline your processes and automate workflows.

Are you searching for a comprehensive solution to streamline your process management and workflow automation while enhancing field inspections and asset management? Your search ends here with Inspectivity – a cutting-edge software platform equipped with an integrated mobile app designed to revolutionise your operations.

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Improve productivity by up to 50%

Automate and streamline your processes effortlessly. Spend less time on manual tasks and more time on value-added activities.

Decrease downtime

Optimise maintenance schedules with real-time inspection and condition data. Prevent breakdowns, reduce downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

Reduce costs

Reduce operational costs through process automation. Maximise your return on investment by extending the operational life of your assets.

Share knowledge

Rapidly share data with all stakeholders and simplify information handover. Ensure that everyone is informed and can collaborate effectively, saving you time and resources.

Workflow automation

With our intuitive workflow automation tools, digitising and automating critical procedures becomes effortless. Configure templates to collect rich data sets, document results in real-time, and automatically notify relevant teams. Trigger approvals, generate subsequent tasks, allocate corrective measures, and effortlessly generate reports.


Detailed data capture

Data is your organisation’s most valuable asset. Precisely capture every detail with our field application. Record high-quality data, upload photos or videos, annotate images and documents while following standardised digital checklists, even in areas without an internet connection.

Real-time reporting

Gain real-time visibility into your processes and performance. Track the status of tasks and processes at any time, from anywhere. Utilise data visualisation to make informed decisions.


Seamless API Integration

Break down silos by integrating Inspectivity’s digital inspection REST API (Application Programming Interface) with other mission-critical systems, such as your ERP solution, APM/RBI tools, or 3D modelling, gaining enhanced visibility across your entire asset base.

Adapted to your industry

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Construction engineering
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Facility management
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Energy Utilities
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Transport logistics
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Inspectivity’s inspection & maintenance software is designed to be user-friendly. Built on a no-code platform, it’s flexible and versatile enough to support a wide range of industries and use cases.

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