Sole Traders

Inspectivity for Sole Traders

For sole traders, Inspectivity serves as the ultimate solution for streamlining field inspections to service providers, consultants and small teams. In a world where efficiency and productivity are paramount, our platform is designed to provide the tools and resources necessary to simplify your daily tasks, reduce operational risks, and enhance your return on investment. Whether you’re a one-person operation or manage a small team, Inspectivity is your ally in achieving operational excellence with ease.

Why choose Inspectivity?

Inspection dashboard

Tailored for sole traders

Picture a world where the planning, performance and reporting of field inspections is streamlined. Inspectivity offers a seamless, paperless experience, empowering your team to efficiently capture and report data right from their mobile devices. No more time-consuming paperwork, return trips to the desk for missing information, or incomplete inspection results.

Real-time data

Stay in control of your assets and service delivery, no matter where you are. With Inspectivity’s advanced inspection management capabilities, you can monitor progress and data in real-time, ensuring you’re always making the right business decisions.


Tailored workflows

Every client has unique needs, and Inspectivity’s flexibility gives you the power to configure inspection solutions that are perfect for your service delivery. The platform adapts to your needs, streamlining your business processes.

Centralised data management

Eliminate data clutter and enhance collaboration. Inspectivity centralises all your inspection and asset data, promoting real-time teamwork and data-driven decision-making. No more data chaos – just a clear view of your trading operations.

Data driven insights
Inspection dashboard

Data driven insights for profitability

Leverage the power of digital inspection and real time reporting to cut costs. Dive deep into your inspection and asset data to uncover valuable insights. Use this information to make informed decisions, optimise your operations, and enhance profitability.

Compliant and secure

With the technology-driven world comes the need for robust security and compliance measures. Data security is our number one priority and Inspectivity is certified to operate in compliance with ISO 2700.

Secure and compliant

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