Features - Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

The Inspectivity Platform’s integrated GO app allows you to perform offline field inspections – making digital inspection fast, accurate and reliable.   Provide a richer inspection result with photos, video or sound.  Supercharge productivity with easy access to asset information, inspection history and lifecycle documentation.

Standardised and Disciplined

The platform allows your subject matter experts to configure forms following your protocols creating a standardised approach to inspection.  Digital processes are “self-guided” simplifying the onboarding of new inspectors and reducing the dependency on scarce senior resources.

View and Markup In The Field or Desk

Inspectors can add markups and annotations directly to drawings while in the field and then edit during a desk review back at the office.  Annotated drawings can be included in automated reporting ensuring engineering and refurbishment teams have the full picture.

Powerful Image Editing

Inspectors can get their point across with fewer words using annotations and shapes. Annotate images on the tablet and re-edit later at the desk.  Crop and rotate photos to ensure the right detail is reported.

Automated Reporting

Inspectors can spend 50% or more of a workday preparing a reporting artifact. Aggregating notes, organising photos, collating and annotating drawings.  The Inspectivity Platform automates reporting removing double handling and reducing the chances of lost or incorrect information.  Inspection data is available as soon as the work is completed.

Smart Tags

Barcodes or RFID are a robust and proven way to identify assets.  Inspectivity’s GO app supports 2D bar and QR codes, as well as high frequency (13.56MHz, ISO15693) RFID tags. UHF RFID tags are supported when your tablet is paired with an external UHF reader.

Transitioning to cloud based

inspection is simple