Inspection Software For Service Providers

Do you provide asset inspection services to oil and gas operators, drilling contractors, or the resources industry? Are you responsible for assuring asset integrity or offering third party compliance through expert inspection and reporting? Inspectivity’s mobile and cloud technologies provide a scalable model for the inspection service provider to deliver efficient asset and plant management.

Why Use An Intelligent Inspection Platform?

  • Efficient, standardised workflow framework, eliminating human error.

  • Provides business intelligence and a paperless value chain.

  • Remove double handling of data into “pixel perfect” artefacts.

  • Facilitates a self-service inspection process with flexible scalability.

Features For Service Providers

Plan & Schedule Inspections

Our software supports resource allocation and task management, providing better visibility of work completed and the overall inspection value chain. Schedule by campaign, work order or many other criteria.

Efficient, Automated Reporting

Reporting is automated, resulting in a technical team that can spend more time reviewing for quality or commencing the next campaign of work.

Mobile Field Inspections

Our mobile app is purpose built for intrinsically safe devices and combines multiple functions including the ability to complete checklists, capture photographs, annotate drawings and submit reports from the field.

Real Time Asset Status

Our platform gives you a real time view of asset registers for each inspection project.

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