inspection platform for
major projects

Streamline project delivery with Inspectivity

Plan, execute and handover project delivery with a digital approach.
Completions management, preservation, FATs, compliance.
Any project verification task.

Benefits That Will Transform Your Project

Asset-centric digital inspection technology

Move away from paper trails, legacy completions management systems and PDF generator/form builder apps. Inspectivity is an asset-centric platform, maintaining inspection history and issue management against the backbone of a flexible hierarchy - asset systemisation, location based or work breakdown structures.

Full project lifecycle

Access to information required to get work done is the number one way in which technology can drive productivity. Enable your engineering teams with a full view of inspection history from design, through commissioning into operations.

“Next Level and continuously evolving”

Major mining expansion project improves workflows and data quality for completions management whilst ensuring seamless digital transition to operations.
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Supercharge inspection outcomes

Streamline planning, execution and reporting of all inspection and verification activities with Inspectivity's no-code platform. Drive efficiency, improve asset reliability and ensure your project delivers on time and within budget.

Collaborative work management and analysis

Inspectivity enables global stakeholders to collaborate on a high-quality data set regardless of location supporting fast decision making for critical issues and helping to reduce site headcounts. Safer, lower cost and more sustainable.

Digital as-built

Inspectivity supports a digital data handover - construction to operations. Help end-clients to streamline the set up of operational systems with digital asset registers. Deliver a cloud inspection management platform for operations populated with all project delivery verification records at startup.

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