Features - Asset Centric Inspections

Asset-Centric Inspection Management

Manage inspection activities following an asset-centric hierarchy approach including Work or Location Breakdown Structures or a traditional Systemisation.

Model any engineering use case

Complete flexibility –  Introduce any number of levels to the hierarchy, manage the specification for each tier. Model locations, systems, sub-systems, items and components.

Full Digital Inspection History

The Inspectivity asset management platform provides the assurance that critical information is never lost. A digital inspection solution where the history of all activities is tracked against each asset in the project hierarchy.

Standalone or Integrated

The Inspectivity Platform can operate stand-alone or can be integrated (via Inspectivity API) to work seamlessly with other systems (eg. your ERP or RBI solutions).   An integrated solution can source the asset hierarchy directly from your source of truth and avoid the creation of additional data silos.

Transitioning to cloud based

inspection is simple