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Benefits That Will Transform Your Business


Reporting is automated, saving 1000+ man-hours per inspector per year and an integrated digital platform means the work order status in your ERP system is always up to date.

Data Quality

High-quality digital inspection data supports downstream engineering automation and enables your organisation to lay the foundations for a future in machine learning.


Pre-planning for inspections should be easy and automated. Remove wasted man-hours spent “data mining” for inspection history and searching for important lifecycle documentation.


Enable global stakeholders to collaborate on the same data set regardless of location supporting fast decision making for critical issues and reducing site headcounts.

Cradle to Grave

One system for managing inspection regardless of a project phase or discipline. Digital inspection data handed over from phase to phase, ultimately populating operational systems.


Digital inspection brings a disciplined approach allowing you to rely less on scarce senior resources and enforce competency for critical inspection scopes.

Any project phase, any inspection discipline


Digitally transform inspections for electrical equipment in hazardous areas compliance.

Asset Integrity

Intelligent cloud and mobile platform for pressure equipment asset integrity inspections.

Completions Management

Optimise the entire project lifecycle via a collaborative digital inspection and completion
management system.

Other Use Cases

Configure a streamlined inspection solution within a digitised, mobile platform.

An intelligent
inspection platform
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