Inspectivity Integrates Skitch

By Inspectivity

Describe a Defect With Fewer Words

Inspectivity is constantly looking to add new features that make the process of inspecting simpler, smarter, faster.  So, when we discovered Skitch was available for tablets we could instantly see that the ability to easily markup photos or documents was something our clients would love.

Taking a photo is really important, but the problem of “how do I convey to others what the photo is specifically trying to show them?” still exists.

Inspectivity GO now seamlessly integrates with Skitch allowing you to markup photos and documents in the field on your tablet.

Markup Documents

Any documents that you attach to your inspections can be marked up in GO as well at link to the defect.

Identify Issues Clearly

No need for lengthy summaries – markup photos in the field to show exactly what the issue is referencing.

Intuitive Controls

Skitch has a rich set of controls for marking up (highlighter, arrows, boxes, text, etc.), and most importantly, is super easy to use.