Asset Management Engineers (AME)

    Inspectivity Improves Asset Management Productivity in the Minerals & Resources Sectors.

    The Client

    Asset Management Engineers (AME) provide specialist services for the inspection and management of plant and assets, including assurance, training, contracting, risk assessment and safety audits.

    Headquartered in Western Australia, AME are trusted advisors to the global mining and energy, manufacturing, industrial, construction, rail and government sectors.

    The Challenge

    AME was seeking to transition to a digital asset management platform that would support mobile field inspections and ultimately deliver a single interface for team collaboration. The chosen solution required the capability to streamline data requirements for more than 24,000 assets and over 250 clients, including some of the world’s leading mining organisations.

    Servicing industries subject to stringent compliance regulations, AME’s core business includes the provision of third party inspection and audit for high-risk plant and equipment such as pressure vessels and specialised lifting/handling equipment.

    AME was impressed with Inspectivity’s scalable platform, offering a flexible inspection and asset management model, that would make instantly accessible asset documentation, inspection reports, photographic history, registers and compliance records.

    The Inspectivity Solution

    AME engaged Inspectivity to configure a dedicated instance of the Inspectivity Platform that would become the new source of truth for all existing asset and inspection information. Critical to the delivery of the project was the ability to map complicated workflows through configuration of asset inspection templates and customised reports.

    Initially leveraging the inspection platform’s smart import capabilities, AME super users could retain historical asset and inspection data, making it available as required to underpin digital inspections.

    Working closely with engineering focal points, Inspectivity’s deployment consultants used the flexible template editor to build digital inspection templates that would cater for pressure vessel and lifting equipment. Comprehensive system handover and onboarding would then make it possible for the AME team to self-populate the 37 additional templates that would build the future template library.

    A corresponding PDF inspection reporting package, leveraging the Inspectivity Platform’s enterprise workflow would allow mobile AME inspectors to complete and submit reports from remote mining sites in Australia direct to the dashboard accessible to AME’s engineering teams in Perth.

    The outcome

    Improved asset management
    • Mobile inspection capability for 40+ different scopes of work across 63 different classes of high-risk plant and equipment.
    • A centralised platform housing manufacturer equipment certification documentation, reusable inspection templates and standardised workflows for third party compliance.
    Data quality and integrity
    • A guided inspection process reducing deviations or omissions from the required data and improving timeliness/consistency of reporting.
    • Real-time asset registers, allowing AME’s clients to log in via a secure cloud environment to:
      • Review compliance details at any given time
      • See upcoming inspection requirements
      • Access important compliance information conveniently
      • Review open issues relating to high risk plant and equipment
    Smarter ways of working
    • Full traceability of the defect life cycle from discovery, engineering assessment, and closeout.
    • Potential for a future self-service model with high volume and pre-defined, guided workflow frameworks, with support from AME engineers – this will help reduce inspection costs and remove logistical barriers.
    Faster response, greater teaming
    • Connecting office based engineers with field inspectors to support problem solving, faster decision making and rapid compliance reporting.
    • Ability to demonstrate contract compliance and performance against mandatory obligations and KPIs via transparent reporting and digitised documentation.

    Inspectivity maintains a strong partnership with AME and is proud to provide advanced asset management and inspection technologies to support AME’s position as a trusted plant, asset and assurance services company.