About Inspectivity

Digital Inspection Software For Asset Management

The Inspectivity Platform is an advanced mobile and cloud solution for engineering inspection and asset management. With our mobile and desktop apps you only ever need one inspection tool.

Trusted by mining, energy and engineering professionals, our digital inspection software brings together technical know-how and unique industry workflows to make it easier to connect teams, manage workflows, and keep track of assets.

This value translates to new asset intelligence embedded and shared in your inspection platform such as automated compliance, asset visibility and powerful analytics.

Mobile and cloud-based inspection solution for greater business intelligence

One of the key differences between a digital inspection business and a paper-based inspection business is the ability to access a consistent set of metrics from which to make decisions as well as generate predictions.

By creating a seamless data environment through digital inspection, our customers can capitalise on the big data to:

  • Access real-time inspection data and quickly prioritise maintenance efforts based on probability of failure
  • Ensure return on investment on equipment and plant investment by digitising inspection management
  • Integrate business critical systems and engineering assessment with asset condition information
  • Collect critical data to keep track of KPIs and enable timely reactions to divergences

Transitioning to cloud-based inspection is simple

Making the move to digital inspection is as much about cultural change as it is about automation. Companies that are open to reinvention will accelerate responsiveness, improve service levels and reduce costs with intelligent processes.

We support our clients throughout the digital inspection entire transition, investing significant time in customisation and software engineering to integrate traditional processes with new mobile operating principles.

Digital Inspection Software

Transitioning to cloud based
inspection is simple