Inspection Software For Pressure Equipment

Inspection is critical to the petrochemical processing industry due to the harsh operating and environmental conditions, as well as the corrosive nature of chemicals processed. Corrosion of critical assets can have a catastrophic impacts such as structural failure, loss of containment, lost or contaminated products, environmental damage, risk to personnel, and loss of public confidence. Designed for operators of petrochemical plant, Inspectivity’s mobile and cloud platform supports inspectors in the management of corrosion and coating risks through digital inspection and monitoring.

Why Use An Intelligent Inspection Platform?

  • Ensure compliant, standardised and disciplined approaches to inspection.

  • Detailed data capture methods support automated risk-based assessment.

  • Create a collaborative inspection process from field to office.

  • “Push” data to other IT systems without double handling.

Features For Pressure Equipment

Seamless Integration / API

Seamless solutions that improve decision making and save time; we link the on-site inspector with the engineer in the office as well as other systems in your IT landscape.

Defect Management

The risk analysis process becomes intuitive through the automatic identification of red flags.

Disciplined and Standardised Inspection

Our digital inspection platform helps to reduce human error and variability during the inspection process through a forced level of discipline and standardisation.

One Collaborative Platform

Reduce site personnel requirements by providing one collaborative platform for multiple users in multiple locations.

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