Inspection Software For The Drilling Contractor

Drill rig asset management is subject to stringent standards when it comes to inspection, whether for general maintenance activities, third party compliance (hazardous areas, dropped object surveys) or ad hoc operational activities. Designed for the drilling contractor, the Inspectivity Platform delivers a digital framework for all rig inspection needs and integrates seamlessly with rig MMS.

Why Use An Intelligent Inspection Platform?

  • Efficient, standardised and easily understood process.

  • Flexibility to monitor and optimise your inspection.

  • Eliminates the need for double handling of inspection data.

  • Facilitates collaborative and timely inspection processes from field to office.

Features For The Drilling Contractor

Powerful Templating

A powerful template editor is available to create inspection forms for all inspection activities occurring on your projects.

Seamless Integration / API

Seamless solutions that improve decision making and save time; we link the on-site inspector with the engineer in the office as well as other systems in your IT landscape.

Mobile Field Inspections

Our mobile app is purpose built for intrinsically safe devices and combines multiple functions including the ability to complete checklists, capture photographs, annotate drawings and submit reports from the field.

Real Time Asset Status

Our platform gives you a real time view of asset registers for each inspection project.

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