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Professional Services

Professional Services

To assist you in your implementation approach Inspectivity can deliver professional services. Our staff are experts in the implementation of robust, smart and intuitive digital solutions and we have a wealth of project experience for clients to leverage.

Our consultants can assist your focal points to configure digital inspection use cases that follow best practices for our technology and allow you to lay the foundation for an intuitive and scalable implementation. We can also work with you on specific feature development and other customisations of the platform.

Available services also include assistance for the preparation of bespoke training guides, courses and one-to-one tuition for your focal points.

Free Trial or Pilot Project?

Inspectivity's digital inspection platform is easy to learn and the 'no-code' approach, allows your subject matter experts to configure the solution and scale-out to all of your teams.

You can start with a self-guided experience where your focal point can learn about the software during a free trial, knowing that Inspectivity Support is there to answer all of your questions in the learning journey.

Alternatively, a 3-month paid pilot provides an opportunity for our consultants to work closely with your focal points delivering a complete best-practice digital inspection use case. A paid pilot is based on standard minimum user subscriptions and includes an allowance for complimentary consultancy assistance.

“Next Level and continuously evolving”

Major mining expansion project improves workflows and data quality for completions management whilst ensuring seamless digital transition to operations.
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