Do You Have Confidence in Your Punch Management?

By Inspectivity

When you find a problem how do you deal with it?

Ideally you document it in a consistent fashion. But we know for most organisations this isn’t the case. This is why we created the Inspectivity Platform.

Blue chip organisations across the oil and gas, mining, and engineering sectors continue to struggle with a lack of real-time information, paper-based workflows, and duplicated efforts. The Inspectivity Platform uses innovative solutions to help you manage your oil and gas inspection projects, so you can work faster and smarter.

This is the third part in a four part series designed to help you overcome Productivity Killers. Each article will be looking into different areas of the Inspection Project Pipeline, and examining how you can use clever technology-based solutions to streamline your oil and gas inspection and commissioning projects, saving you time, resources and money.

Today we are going to share with you how you should be handling your punch management – and how the Inspectivity Platform can help.

                                                                 New Issue Screen

How does Inspectivity capture punches? The Inspectivity Platform captures all the relevant information specific to the type of punch with easily customisable fields. Plus, it provides the right level of context for any global stakeholder so they can quickly get up to speed on the issue.

At Inspectivity, we call punches “issues.” Our “issues” functionality can be used not only for punches but also for queries and all things noticed during an inspection, which need to be actioned. This could be a Technical Query or a Delay, for example.


Does your process capture a rich level of detail?

                                                           Add Detail With Marked up Photos

The Inspectivity Platform allows you to not only take a photo but mark up the image with extra information to ensure downstream engineering teams have an accurate view of the problem.

                                                       Annotate and Link Engineering Details

Does your work pack include engineering details? At Inspectivity we’ve made important functionality a standard practice, so you can automatically link a document to an issue without a hassle.


When you finish documenting the results do you share them with your global stakeholders in real time?

                                                      Issue Uploaded in Real Time

As soon as the inspection work is done, your global workforce should be able to start work on the problem. They should have immediate access to the details, photos, and marked-up drawings.

On the Inspectivity Platform they can – we know how to handle your issue information.


Once you have the details can you collaborate effectively on a solution?

                                   Collaborate With Global Teams to Resolve the Issue

Your global workforce should be able to work together quickly on a solution. All conversations, notes, and questions that lead to a resolution are important. Do your teams have a single tool to help them or are they resorting to email? The Inspectivity Platform uses a best of breed issue management tool to ensure all the information remains in a single, secure and auditable location.


Is your issue resolution workflow adhoc or well managed?

                                                       Configurable Issue Workflows

Your issues have a lifecycle and can be complex or simple. Does your system give you the tools to model and customise your workflows? Inspectivity supports a configurable approach to issue resolution modelling. We support complex staged processes with multiple global user groups and varying roles. Talk to us today about creating a process to match your exact needs.


How easily can you recall the facts?

                                                           Full Issue History Retained

When you need to revisit an issue you should be able to see the history: all the changes made and the context of the decision making process. Our issue management module gives you access to all the facts in an instant.


Do you have confidence in your punch list status?

                                                        Real Time Issue Register

If your current process isn’t as simple and fast as it needs to be, then our enterprise solution could be the answer.

As a default, the Inspectivity Platform is integrated with JIRA for issue management. Over the past 13 years, Atlassian’s JIRA has gone from a simple bug tracking tool for programmers to the project-tracking software of choice for over 35,000 companies across industries and global borders.


Do you want confidence in your Punch Management? Contact Inspectivity today to set up a detailed webinar for your team. Increase your project efficiency using our unique cloud -based solution.