Learn how to Plan and Perform Inspections Smarter with Inspectivity’s Innovative Solutions

By Inspectivity

Are you sick of being asked to justify the size of your inspection team?

You should be. Blue chip organisations across the oil and gas, mining, and engineering sectors continue to struggle with a lack of real-time information, paper-based workflows, and duplicated efforts. These three issues alone slow teams down, not to mention limited collaboration and issue management.

The Inspectivity Platform uses innovative solutions to help you manage your oil and gas inspection projects so you can work faster and smarter.

This is the second part in a four part series designed to help you overcome Productivity Killers. Each article will be looking into different areas of the Inspection Project Pipeline, and examining how you can use clever technology-based solutions to streamline your oil and gas inspection and commissioning projects, saving you time, resources and money.

Today we are going to share with you how the Inspectivity Platform can help you plan and perform smarter inspections. Our innovative solutions will help you automate and streamline your processes, so you can increase efficiency and remove unnecessary overheads.

Automate and Simplify

The Inspectivity Platform aims to simplify all aspects of the inspection process to help you remove any unnecessary overheads. Our platform allows you to plan and perform inspections with tools that simplify your work. This is because we want to provide the path of least resistance for your inspection team. We know that the right tools can help you streamline your verification team, reduce resource costs, and speed up the inspection process. We will show you how you can keep your guys in the field capturing the punches instead of wasting time in the office documenting the results.

Does your work pack include engineering details? At Inspectivity we’ve made important functionality a standard practice, so you can automatically link a document to an issue without a hassle.

Resource Planning

Allocating work to your verification team should be simple. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a quick visual of the spread of inspection work across your team? With Inspectivity you can. Our real-time charts allow you to see an accurate view of how the work is divided up across your team.

Armed with the knowledge of who is under utilised, you can switch to our Portal’s lightweight resource planner. This is an easy to use, yet powerful, planning tool. Simply find the inspection work to be scheduled, then drag it onto the plan for the relevant inspector, and save the schedule.

                                               Inspectivity Resource Planner 

Once the informationis on the plan, the inspector can immediately downlload it via the GO app and start performing the inspection. This process reduces planning confusion, and keeps your team moving forward.

My Work

The Inspectivity Go app is an easy to use tablet application. With less than one hour of training, inspectors can perform paperless inspections, saving your project time and money.

As soon as an inspector opens the app they can quickly see work assigned to them. Simple controls allow them to download the inspection work packs, including all drawings and engineering data. They can do this even when they are in the field without access to any network.

                                                       Download Inspections

Mobile Inspections

Our innovative approach to paperless check sheets enable your inspectors to work faster through a typical inspection procedure. Inspectors can capture rich details using our dynamic forms, and include important anecdotal comments that normally remain in a notebook never to be seen (or learnt from again).

                                                            Inspection Procedure

A real standout capability of Inspectivity is how the platform handles punch items. Inspectors can capture details of the issue on their tablet quickly and automatically upload information to the cloud. Getting information to the right people without delays means the punches can be resolved faster. Plus, additional structured information can be captured within the platform dependent on the type of the punch.

                                                                 New Punch Item

Not only can you include a photo using the camera on your tablet, we also have smart tools for marking up so that you can really tell a story.

                                                Use the Tablet Camera to Link a Photo

Automated Reporting

Being able to automate results, is a project time saver. No longer will you need to go back to the office and compile the data, match photos to results taken hours earlier, and aggregate the punches.

                                            Complete and Upload Results in Real Time

With a click of a button the inspection results are uploaded to the cloud. Then you can get onto the next inspection while the platform processes the punches, creates the reports, and sends the notifications.

                                                    Status Updates Streamed Live


Technology is an enabler and it’s cheap compared with the price of poor progress. Give your experienced team the tools to keep them moving forwards, and progressing the work instead of dealing with routine tasks.

Inspectivity’s smart planning tools are simple to use and will keep your team on track. Keep up to date with inspection workloads using our real-time charts, and maintain your plan with simple drag and drop calendar controls.

Our innovative approach to check sheets will give your verification team an instant productivity boost. Get rich and consistent results with a full inspection history and properly document the punches. Best of all reporting is fully automated. Process the results and share with a global audience with a single click of a button.

The Inspectivity Platform has so many useful functions to complement the inspection process and help you increase your project efficiency. To learn more, look out for our next post in this series Managing Punches with Technology. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for project efficiency advice and updates.

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