Forced Downtime? Plan For a Digital Future

By Inspectivity

Plan now for a digital future

Many engineering businesses are hampered by COVID-19 restrictions and are facing a lengthy period of downtime for staff. This downtime presents an opportunity to plan for a more efficient future operation.  Engaging your engineering experts right now could allow you to design a future digital way of working.  A more competive and streamlined operation in a post COVID-19 world.

Inspectivity can help ready your business for a digital inspection future and we believe this forced downtime is the perfect opportunity.  Leverage the time and knowledge of your subject matter experts and working with our digital consultants, deliver a more efficient future operation.

Inspectivity can work with your stakeholders to configure mobile inspection use cases and make them ready for a digital implementation once restrictions are lifted in the future.

Any use case

Inspectivity support the full engineering project life cycle and can digitise any concept of inspection.

  • Construction and completions management (CMS)
  • Hazardous area compliance (EEHA / Ex Inspections)
  • Asset integrity (AICIP)
  • Coating (NACE) and Insulation
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Flange management
  • Lifting and handling equipment
  • Vessel Surveys
  • Registers (hose, pad eyes, small bore tubing)
  • Any critical asset inspection

Important considerations

There are many important considerations for creating an agile, cloud-based inspection environment for the minerals, energy and engineering sectors. To start your journey to a digital inspection future read our latest white paper here.  We provide our expertise, insights and tips for a migration to digital.  The key points of consideration and aspects that you must consider when preparing a technology related business case.

Inspectivity can assist

Ready to prepare for a digital future? Inspectivity can make the transition simple.  We have the expertise to assist you and prepare to move to a digital footprint at speed.  Our consultants can help you with:

  • Detailed analysis of existing processes and propose future digital counterparts
  • Prepare sample configurations
  • Customisation services to modify solutions to your specfic requirements
  • Deployment planning for the future

Reinvent now

Companies that are open to reinvention will accelerate responsiveness, improve service levels and reduce costs with intelligent processes.

The Inspectivity Platform is an advanced mobile and cloud solution for engineering inspection and asset management. With our mobile and desktop apps you only ever need one inspection tool.

If you would like to start planning now for a digital future please contact Inspectivity.

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