What’s new With Inspectivity?

By Inspectivity

Fantastic Inspection Flexibility

You told us you needed more flexibility for performing inspections, especially when your inspectors are offline. Inspectivity now supports creating adhoc inspections based on templates. Even while you’re offline.


2D Bar Code and RFID Support

We’ve added new support for reading RFID and 2D Bar Codes. When you are completing an inspection you can easily view the information encoded on the relevant tags, store the data against the item and have absolute confidence in your inspection audit trail.


Inspections for any use Case

With Inspectivity’s brand new Form Builder, complex forms are no longer a barrier to going paperless. Quickly and easily build procedures for all your inspection use cases. A single platform really can support all your inspection projects!


Seamless Integration

The Inspectivity API is provided for developers who want to integrate with or build on top of the Inspectivity Platform. Using a modern REST API third party applications can integrate seamlessly with resources within the platform. Want your 3D model to talk inspection concepts with Inspectivity? Talk to us today.


Capture Defects Your Way

Defects are the most critical aspect of an inspection. Inspectivity understands this and that is why we place so much development effort in improving how you capture and manage defect lifecycles. You can now dynamically change the defect data captured for any inspection use case.


PDF Markup Like a Pro

Inspectivity now supports your favourite PDF editor for markup or annotation. Whether you use Foxit or Acrobat it doesn’t matter. Inspectivity’s Go app works seamlessly with any PDF software provider. Markup drawings, take notes on a document, or red line a specification…all from your tablet via Inspectivity’s Go app.


Fast and Easy Template Set Up

Part of the simpler, smarter, faster ideal means quick set up and this includes your inspection templates. With our new import and export facilities we have taken another step to making project set up even more efficient.



Say goodbye to paper-based workflows, loss of information and duplicated efforts. We’ve created clever technology-based solutions that streamline your oil and gas inspection, commissioning and maintenance projects.