Inspectivity Collaborates With Curtin University

By Inspectivity

Inspectivity Joins Project Echo (Curtin University)

Inspectivity has partnered with Australasian Joint Research Centre for Building Information Modelling (BIM Laboratory / Curtin University) to develop integration capabilities between the Inspectivity and BIM Platforms. The BIM platform is a 3D model developed using various types of planning and review software.


“We are really excited to start a collaboration with the BIM team at Curtin University. Integration with 3D models is an area we are very keen to extend and the initiatives planned will bring tremendous value to clients wishing to integrate their models with the Inspectivity Platform.”
Paul Eddison, Director, Inspectivity Pty Ltd.


“Inspectivity’s joining this industrial alliance will definitely contribute to the enhancement of our existing scientific research, technical innovation and sustainable development of future initiatives.”
Professor Xiangyu Wang, Australasian Joint Research Centre for Building Information Modelling (BIM).


The cooperation will run for a term of 3 years and initially defines two initiatives:

Build Relationships Between BIM 3D Model and Inspection Tasks

Integration of BIM components with the Inspectivity Platform will be facilitated via a web service interface that exposes services to other applications for writing to and reading from the Inspectivity platform. This will allow the BIM platform to associate inspection aspects with BIM (3D) Model components.

RFID Support for Inspection Component Tracking

The Inspectivity Platform has integrated RFID and 2D Barcode reading capability, however we still see tremendous value in cooperation with BIM Laboratory for the purposes of expanding on this functionality in relation to the BIM Platform.

About Project Echo

Project Echo is collaboration between WoodsideCurtin University, and many other companies on innovative technologies with the aim to improve construction productivity in the LNG industry.