Five Reasons to try Inspectivity

By Inspectivity

Why try Inspectivity?

Inspectivity’s enterprise solution The Inspectivity Platform is designed to make your inspection projects simpler smarter and faster.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use Inspectivity on your next inspection project.

1. Less Time Reporting, More Time Doing

By implementing a paperless approach, you will reap instant benefits in the speed with which your inspectors can share the results of their work. Reporting becomes automated. Inspectors spend more time performing the work and reviewing for quality than on the mundane tasks.


2. More Consistent Results and less Personalisation

Sure, paper based forms give you great flexibility but does that flexibility really translate to an advantage? Downstream engineering teams depend on consistent inspection data. By using smart electronic forms your inspectors can work fast, be more consistent and reduce the personalisation of results.

3. Re-use Instead of Re-write

By standardising your approach to an inspection procedure you can maximise re-use across your global projects. A shared template for a common inspection activity means your inspectors know what to expect wherever they work. Ramp up time is minimised and clients love the consistency it brings.

4. Sharing is Easy

Large scale engineering typically occurs across geographical boundaries. Inspectors on site, engineering teams at your corporate offices, clients and vendors in disparate locations too. In order to easily share data, a cloud approach is ideal. All teams can see and leverage inspection data from a single source of truth.

5. Greater Knowledge

Implementing a paperless system means that clients learn a lot about their own processes. The good and the bad. This knowledge is powerful and will help you to start reducing costs across other aspects of your business not just those directly affected by inspection software.