Digitalisation of Completions Management

By Inspectivity

The digitalisation of completions management

Modern philosophies for completions management and data handling on major engineering projects require a smarter approach. Harnessing a digital approach for completion management systems, EPCs are now:

  • Streamlining completion activities with mobility tools.
  • Improving inspection throughput via automated checklist reporting.
  • Capturing information from multiple sources (owner, operator, EPC, design warehouses, 3rd parties) into a single completion system.
  • Collaborating in real-time on completion management across global engineering teams and construction contractors.
  • Leveraging cloud technology for fast, scalable and secure solutions.
  • Integrating completions activities at vendor works within the same digital completions platform.
  • Providing a completions solution that facilitates digital data handover and pre-population of operator systems.

The Inspectivity Platform is a cloud and mobile completion management system which delivers each of the above and more.

More details on features of the platform are available here.

Below we consider the benefits of a digital solution for both your clients and the EPC company.

Client benefits

The Inspectivity Platform allows projects to record digital data for activities throughout the entire project lifecycle (concept to handover). Capturing information from multiple sources (owner, operator, EPC, design warehouses, 3rd parties) for organised hand over to the owner/operator. Digital data can be used to populate operational systems and will alleviate delays on startup. Having a single source of digital equipment data available to the operator (tracked from vendor site, through construction and then hand over) is critical for maintenance planning and prevention of future problems.

The flexibility of the platform provides a unique and compelling opportunity for the same system to progress from construction into operations, with full integration to operator systems for ERP and Reliability / Integrity Management. For example, supporting the management of hazardous area equipment or asset integrity throughout the future lifetime of the asset.

Offshore engineering assessment

EPC and contractor benefits

Achieve higher throughput with existing resources. Automated reporting reduces inspector desk time and improves inspection performance. Errors in data handling and translation are removed, results are de-personalised and non-subjective (“report just the facts”). Daily reporting effort per inspector can be significantly reduced. Redirect resources to higher-quality tasks.

Cloud technology enables global stakeholders to collaborate on the same data set regardless of location supporting fast decision making for critical issues. Enterprise workflows including rework loops, engineering clarifications and reinspection mean that user groups can work remotely from one another helping to reduce required site headcounts.

High quality (“strongly typed”) inspection data, alerts and workflow rules provide automation opportunity. Integrated with your other systems such as 3D models, engineering systems or other enterprise platforms, a digital inspection solution connects high-quality “field data” with your global project teams in real-time.

Improve transparency of status with real-time inspection and punch item data plus have visibility of completion activities from disparate global locations. Inspectors and project teams have all critical documentation at their fingertips whether in the field or at their desk. Real-time inspection data, punch items, asset data, anecdotal commentary all easily located within an easy to use interface.

Consistent and disciplined process regardless of location or user. Use a guided and intuitive workflow to manage activities, following standardised checklists with smart form fields that can reduce the dependency on expensive and (often limited) experienced/senior resources.


True flexibility to support a digital approach for any inspection discipline on major projects.


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