Digital Preservation

By Inspectivity

Smart Preservations

The current health and economic crisis is leading operators to consider mothballing assets in order to cater for reduced resource demands whilst at the same time protecting future operational capacity.  Inspectivity provides a smart digital platform to manage preservation tasks, ensuring operating life is maintained and re-activation/commissioning is timely.

The Inspectivity Platform can provide a seamless link with your enterprise management tools (eg. SAP, JDEdwards etc.) to share a common view of your asset hierarchy and support any asset-centric digital inspection activity.

Whether your verification requirements include preservation, activitation, operation or maintenance tasks, Inspectivity is the most versatile digital inspection platform for management of asset focused inspections.

Develop your own approved digital preservation procedures using our powerful form editor to ensure your team perform tasks without any deviation and full transparency.

Global teams can collaborate and view status at any point in time.  Review asset condition, assess critical issues, advise field teams and stay connected.

Any use case

Inspectivity support the full engineering project life cycle and can digitise any concept of inspection.

  • Construction and completions management (CMS)
  • Hazardous area compliance (EEHA / Ex Inspections)
  • Asset integrity (AICIP)
  • Coating (NACE) and Insulation
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Flange management
  • Lifting and handling equipment
  • Vessel Surveys
  • Registers (hose, pad eyes, small bore tubing)
  • Any critical asset inspection

Start your digital inspection future

To start your journey to a digital inspection future read our latest white paper here.  We provide our expertise, insights and tips for a migration to digital.  The key points of consideration and aspects that you must consider when preparing a technology related business case.

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