Customer Success – Digital Handrail Inspections

By Inspectivity

The corrosion challenge is nothing new for major engineering operations. In particular its impacts on pipework and vessels. There is also its nasty impact on the crucial infrastructure that supports the process such as structural elements like columns, beams. But one area often overlooked and perhaps even more critical is that of fixed platforms, ladders and railings. These components allow your staff to work within processing infrastructure, to inspect, operate and maintain. Ensuring that your team can safely access equipment by maintaining the integrity of ladders and railings is an important consideration. How can you do this efficiently and effectively?

Inspectivity recently assisted an existing long term client with such a challenge.   

The client already leveraged the Inspectivity Platform for asset integrity and EEHA inspections. Based on their experience with our digital inspection platform, they saw an opportunity to extend its use to include assessment of all railings within their operations.

In a record turnaround from initial concept to production enterprise implementation, the Inspectivity Team worked with the client to introduce tablets and Inspectivity Platform software for this critical application. The initial scope included the survey and inspection of around 900 component pieces of railings throughout one of their key production facilities. The survey will identify each of the 900 components with a unique RFID tag and the inspections will then pinpoint which are unsafe and in need of attention. Corrective actions will then be taken to ensure a safe working environment. This is especially important given future shutdowns where many additional contractor personnel will be onsite.

Although not originally a scope item for the Inspectivity rollout for this client, the opportunity was too good to miss. The Inspectivity project team worked in support of the client and inspection service provider’s teams to enable the software, tablet and RFID tags. Inspections will continue across all facilities for approximately 9000 railings in total providing traceability for ongoing handrail repairs and replacement. Well done to all those involved!


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