Bring the team together, wherever they are

By Inspectivity

Facilitating Collaboration for Remote and Isolated Workers

COVID-19 is taking the world by storm, ignoring geopolitical boundaries, impacting communities, organisations and industries. The focus of most organisations now is looking after the health of employees, understanding the risks to operations, and (as much as possible) ensuring disruptions to key resources and supply chains are minimised.

The energy sector is facing a significant dilemma of how to maintain critical systems with a workforce facing severe health and logistical restrictions. The new reality is a vastly reduced workforce left to manage site activities and the majority of SMEs and other staff asked to work remotely. With a recovery in mind, it is essential that operators can still ensure the “lights remain on” and that facilities remain safe.

Facing a challenge of “do more with less” operators are looking for opportunities to make collaboration easier. To make it straightforward for engineering teams to work remotely more effectively.

Global collaboration is a key feature of the Inspectivity Platform. The concept of the supervisor logging in from home to monitor site works and review fieldwork is a reality for our clients.

Live Inspection Metrics

Achieve more with a reduced site footprint and enable inspectors with digital tools.  Provide the ability to record results fast, including audio and video, photo or documentation markup and much more. Essentially provide a rich view of condition information to global and potentially isolated stakeholders.

Inspection Results with Video and Audio

As a cloud provider, Inspectivity can implement new client systems fast to ensure your operations are continuous and your remote and isolated workforce can contribute effectively in the current crisis.

Whilst we have little visibility on how this will eventually play out, we know it is very important to help industries protect infrastructure and ensure employment opportunities remain once normalcy returns.

If you would like Inspectivity to assist your team with our digital inspection expertise please reach out.

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