Do You Need Better Oversight for Inspection Projects?

By Inspectivity

Do you manage inspections projects that are running in remote locations? If so how do you maintain oversight?

Do you manage inspections projects that are running in remote locations? If so how do you maintain oversight?

The likely answer is a mix of ad hoc telephone calls, email conversations, written reports, and weekly meetings. The problem is that these are all disparate from one another and in most cases offer a subjective view. They also don’t provide you with the feedback you normally get with hands on management, like behavioural insights that help you really understand efficiencies in your team. If you are on site you see when the inspector leaves or returns so you have insight into what he is or isn’t doing. If you are managing remotely then it’s hard, if not impossible, to get that type of information, and as they say when the cat is away…

This is why we created the Inspectivity Platform. This is the last piece in a four part series designed to help you overcome Productivity Killers. Each article has looked into different areas of the Inspection Project Pipeline, showing you how using clever technology-based solutions can help you streamline your oil and gas inspection and commissioning projects – saving you time, resources and money.

Today we are going to share with you how you can manage inspection projects in remote locations with ease, and gain valuable real-time insights using the Inspectivity Platform.

Simpler, Smarter, Faster

Streamed notifications

The above conundrum is common and is one of the reasons we developed our notification functionality. We wanted to give our global project users a view of what work was being performed and also at what rate; give our users a sense of activity.


The Inspectivity Platform allows you to not only take a photo but mark up the image with extra information to ensure downstream engineering teams have an accurate view of the problem.

User actions in the platform such as starting an inspection, uploading results, or raising a defect all trigger a notification which is streamed to other user’s desktops. This means I can be sitting at my desk in Singapore seeing a constant real-time feed of updates from my inspectors in Korea. This is not a substitute to managing on the ground but it makes me feel closer to the action and improves oversight.


The Inspectivity Platform also has a drill down capability within the project scope, which means if you are only interested in notifications for a particular system or item you can narrow your view easily. This is all part of our strategy to make inspection work more transparent.

                                                       Drill Down to Narrow Your Search


The other great feature of notifications is each one is a clickable link that allows you to very quickly navigate to where the primary job information is being stored. Take the example below. A Notification that tells you a summary of results from an inspection.

                                                                 See Live Progress at a Glance


If you need more detail, simply click the link and instantly you are viewing the results uploaded moments ago by the inspector.

                                                 See all the Results Instantly


Real-time status

Good oversight also means being able to easily identify your progress via different measures. In some cases you will need to be able to get a quick fix on status and in others you will want to be able to take a deeper dive.

Our innovative Progress Bars are perfect for understanding this type of information quickly. At a glance they provide a visual indication of status. If you are on your way to a meeting and need a quick percentage on progress for a specific system, just hover over the module and instantly you are armed with a concrete number.

                                                Innovative Progress Bars


The progress information displayed can also be toggled between different report types.

                                           Toggle Reporting Selections


If you want more detail, switch to the charts view and toggle to the report you are interested in.

                                                      Real Time Charts


Our charts update in real-time plus you can use the drill down functionality to change the scope of the report. Just click on another module or item and the charts update instantly.

Your reports

The reporting highlights above are standard with a typical Inspectivity Platform instance, but we are aware that every client has a different view on presenting and reporting data. We understand this, which is why we are happy to work with you to achieve your reporting goals. We have experienced developers who can quickly understand your needs and translate them to artifacts generated by the platform. Go from time consuming manual report preparation to a fully automated process by using the Inspectivity Platform.


Are your current systems or processes preventing you from managing your teams remotely? Don’t waste more valuable time. Speak to us today and integrate the Inspectivity Platform into your project.