Avoid being “Amazoned” away

By Inspectivity

Avoid being “amazoned” away means staying competitive.  Gartner coined the phrase in their commentary around the Gartner Digital Enterprise 2020 Survey.  They said, “67% of business leaders agreed that if their company did not become significantly more digitalized by 2020, it would no longer be competitive”.  For engineering industries digitizing can incorporate a range of initiatives including paperless inspections.

Removing paper from the inspection process provides a significant upside in terms of efficiency, quality, safety and control for your business process.  Inspectivity is focused on assisting companies and projects to harness efficiency through digital inspection and through our experience we have learnt that communication and an engaged team are vital to success.

“People aren’t the problem; it’s the organization’s failure to communicate effectively with its people that sets them up for digital transformation trouble from the start.” 

Holistic Aims

There are many important considerations for engineering companies seeking to streamline their business by embracing a digital inspection strategy. None more so than, out the outset, communicating to your team the reasons “why” you are doing this.  If you fail to do this well, statistics tell us that your digital transformation is at a greater risk of failure.

Make sure you communicate to your teams that digital inspection will benefit the business, the assets you operate, the service you offer and is critical for future viability.  Importantly their contribution is vital.  Inspectivity understands the value of measured and thoughtful feedback from an engaged team of engineers, inspectors and administrators.  Without their commitment, you are just building another enterprise solution they will do their best to avoid.  With their engagement, you will be successful in creating a connected digital culture.

Who to Involve

Digitising your inspections will bring transparency to your engineering process, providing KPIs for each phase of the inspection lifecycle whilst bringing the activities of the team under the microscope. This improved oversight can lead to hesitation by the end-users and project silos. You can help mitigate cultural issues by involving a range of people from different roles. Do this at an early stage so that you can bring ownership of the solution to the team. Engaging early on during the evaluation, development, testing and rollout of a digital inspection system will help to prevent resistance and allow you to find out early on the challenges they are facing.

Implementing enterprise software for your business will require input from a range of stakeholders. Make sure you know who to involve and talk to them to get buy-in early. This might include:

  • Legal and compliance
  • Solution architects
  • IT Security
  • Innovation leaders
  • Other engineering teams

What’s next?

Making the move to digital inspection is as much about cultural change as it is about automation. Companies that are open to reinvention will accelerate responsiveness, improve service levels and reduce costs with intelligent processes.  Inspectivity support clients throughout the entire digital inspection transition, investing significant time in customisation and software engineering to integrate traditional processes with new mobile operating principles.  If you would like to set up a webinar with our consultants contact us today.